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if I were to fall down a rabbit hole and find myself in a land where everything is nonsense (*knock on wood*), I should like to think that whole world would be coloured as magically as Aromaleigh’s Wonderstruck collection, the second of three collections I refer to as AL’s “cosmic farewell.” (my review of Mythos is here; my review of Spells! is here)

much has already been said about Wonderstruck, and that much-ness has actually been more than a little difficult to avoid, but I did manage to refrain from reading any other commentary on this collection (no mean feat, I assure you!) so I could write my own impressions and descriptions w/o my perspective being influenced by other bloggers’ opinions.

to my eye, Wonderstruck is a fantasy blend of candy-coloured pastels, a few luxe deep jewel-toned hues, and several deceptively ordinary-looking neutrals that rather caught me off-guard when closer examination revealed their secrets — swatching this collection was quite the adventure! as w/the other “cosmic farewell” collections, the shadows in Wonderstruck are all glittery to some extent, and since some of the shades consist of glitter in lighter or plush bases, eyeshadow primer is a must (I’ve made particular note of these colours) — not only will you get better adhesion/wear, you’ll enjoy the full effect of highlights, lowlights, interference colour shifts, sparkle, etc.

Kristen has already posted skin swatches of Wonderstruck (just scroll down past the swatch chart), but I know many mmu shoppers find written descriptions of colours helpful, so I’ve included my own “word pictures” next to each individual colour swatch below (as always, pls keep in mind that colour is subjective, so I describe hues, effects, textures, etc. the way I see them; your perceptions may be different):

mint green satin w/a soft silvery highlight and glimmers of borealis and deep blue *primer recommended

playful cool-toned metallic berried rose toys w/a pale pink highlight and lively sparkles of pink and fuchsia *primer recommended

irresistible sunny yellow pearl brimming w/pale blue twinkles — tempting indeed!

biscuit plush w/a chocolate lowlight, semi-metallic gold highlight, and rainbow flash

vibrant violet glitter in a base of cool lilac plush *primer recommended

palest petal pink plush w/a subtle berry lowlight, soft silvery highlight, and bright blue sparks *primer recommended

semi-metallic peacock green w/intense gold highlight and glimmers of teal *primer recommended

maddeningly pretty pale chartreuse pearl shot through w/pink and gold twinkles

heathered blue-grey plush w/gold and copper sparkle *primer recommended

lavender pearl w/a soft smoky lowlight and aurora borealis shine

apricot plush w/a soft gold highlight and dreamy lavender sparkle *primer recommended

coppery brown w/bright silver highlight and rainbow glow

impossibly lovely yellowy-green satin glinting w/bright blue stars

silvered taupe frost bursting at the seams w/iridescent shimmer

perfectly soothing biscuit beige satin w/hints of pale pink sparkle

greyish-brown pearl w/a subtle silver highlight and plenty of borealis twinkles

peaches-and-cream plush kissed w/a soft golden highlight and copper sparks *primer recommended

ostentatious plummy-brown pearl w/a riot of rainbow sparkle

mesmerizing semi-metallic heathered teal w/a bright silvery highlight and glints of gold throughout *primer recommended

softly shimmering bisque satin w/hints of aurora borealis

blush pink w/a bold golden glow and fuchsia sparkle galore *primer recommended

rich brick red pearl encrusted w/diamonds and rubies — fit for a queen! *primer recommended

unconventional dusky mauve pearl gilt w/a pale gold highlight and tiny sparks of pink

frightfully lovely semi-metallic blackberry shimmering w/pale pink interference and violet jewels

cool silvered brown lit from within by rainbow sparkle

(NOTE: I did not receive the sample set of Wonderstruck as a promotional consideration; I purchased it myself)

try as I might, I’ve not been able to narrow my picks for this collection down to less than half of it (which is pretty much par for me when it comes to AL’s e/s collections) ;\ lol there are just too many wonders, too many colours that look like something I might already have but when compared are actually completely different, too many curiosities beckoning to me through the looking glass… personally I think Lewis Carroll, Walt Disney, and Tim Burton would all be pleased in their own ways w/this tribute to a much-loved fantasy — I know I’ve been wearing a big cheshire-cat grin playing w/these pretties myself! 😉