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I should probably preface this by saying that I did NOT buy all of this in one fell swoop; this is the accumulation of several purchases since my beloved Aromaleigh first announced their closing, back in July. altho’ in all honesty most of this was purchased after AL reopened in Sep, after briefly closing to assess remaining inventory, ingredient stock, etc.

the four “rows” on the left are free samples I received w/my purchases: various e/s, Illuminating Perle powders, Pure Rouges, and even a Skybright shimmer powder and a Glam Glitter in there somewhere. beneath that are 9 f/s Rocks! Rouges (I doubled up on wildflower, my fave), along w/a complete sample set of same, to the immediate right. back up top, next to the first “row” of samples is a full set of Drama Queen eyeshadows/liners; to the right of those are various f/s e/s from Pure Eyes matte, Eye Lustre, Elemental Lustre, Bete Noire, L’Orchidee, Retro Hi-Fi, and Victoria’s Revenge collections. on the top far right are three 3-packs of my go-to neutral Eye Plush (buttoned up), a complete sample set of Eye Plushes, and several full sizes from the collection (mostly as backups, since I already have quite a few of them in f/s). clustered below that are multiple 3-packs of e/s from the Opulent Lustre collection, along w/another complete sample set of same, plus three full sizes. grouped in the center are full sample sets of Mythos (which was actually sent to me gratis as a promo to review the collection on my blog), Wonderstruck, and Spells!, w/their full sizes underneath each respective sample set. the small group of three to the right is a few f/s Les Papillons e/s; the group of 12 below that is all Ciao Italia! f/s e/s.

and the really scary thing…? I’m not done yet. >8O but I’m getting close. I think. <G>