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ho. ly. COW. I know Kristen is basically just trying to use up ingredient stock before she closes Aromaleigh‘s doors for good, but I swear she’s producing some of her most beautiful collections yet, here at the end of AL’s life — talk about making an impressive exit! I’ve gotten feedback here and elsewhere that readers of my blog find my written colour descriptions of AL’s final collections immensely helpful — even Miss K herself has told me that she loves my descriptions of her creations, so she very kindly sent me samples of this latest “cosmic farewell” collection to review for my readers 🙂

inspired by AL owner Kristen’s childhood love of astronomy (I, too, was fascinated w/astronomy in my younger years, so perusing the names of these delectable shades brought back some pleasant memories for me 🙂 ) and fondness for Star Trek (I’m more of a Babylon 5 girl myself <G>), Astronomical is an otherworldly exploration of colours and finishes that will surely leave you gasping in awe as stellar neutrals mingle w/divine brights. to some degree or another all of them are glittery — “…it’s full of stars!” — so yet again I suggest that a good primer will afford best adhesion and wear, and a stippling or patting application technique will likely yield better results (and less fallout) than brushing or sweeping; colours that definitely NEED a primer (IMO) are noted as such in my descriptions below.

Miss K has mentioned that this collection was particularly difficult to photograph — small wonder, what w/the amazing display of duochrome effects, interference highlights, lowlights, sparkles and more boasted by this collection. consequently, there’s no colour chart for this collection, but grouped skin swatches can be seen on her blog here; full sizes are available for purchase below the swatches and are priced at a giveaway $3.50/ea! sample sets are a mere $15 (as are the other “cosmic farewell” sample sets) and can be purchased here, here, or here in the dropdown box on each page.

and now after my usual little disclaimer — “as always, pls keep in mind that colour is subjective, so I describe hues, effects, textures, etc. the way I see them; your perceptions may be different” — we’ll get to the good stuff 😉

semi-metallic ultra-pale sage green gleams w/prominent gold highlight and flashes of pale violet

sheer smoky periwinkle satin glows w/ice-blue iridescence and magenta sparkle *primer recommended

blindingly beautiful light leaf green shimmer flaunts a WICKED pale pink interference and tiny pale pink sparks — heavenly STRONG duochrome!

fuchsia pearl displays coppery lowlight and a hefty payload of copper sparkle

tangerine shimmer sports a pronounced gold highlight w/gold and copper twinkles *primer recommended

semi-metallic deep mauve reflects pale pink interference and flashes of fuchsia

sheer “deep space” indigo satin enhanced by smoky lowlight, pale blue highlight, and sparks of both deep and pale blue *primer recommended

smooth meteorite grey velvet collides w/borealis glimmer

semi-metallic cocoa shines w/copper highlight and purple twinkles *primer recommended

cool green satin w/soft gold highlight glitters w/bright blue and gold

rosy peach shimmer ornamented w/a halo of pale pink highlight and red sparkle (this is one of my favourite colours in the collection, which surprised the heck out of me considering I don’t usually go for peachy-anything, but it’s seriously gorgeous)

sheer, velvety smoked violet embellished w/a faint silver highlight and a riot of rainbow iridescence (if you *heart* The Big Bang Theory, you have to buy this just for the name — I’m almost certain that if Sheldon paid any attention to things like eyeshadow, he’d approve <G>)

powder-pink pearl garnished w/magenta and gold sparks and a rosy-gold highlight

borealis and hints of purple sparkle ensconced in a muted pale lilac plush base *primer recommended

super-sheer blue-green colour shift satin flashing w/iridescent stars — earth-shatteringly beautiful!

warm russet pearl dressed up w/red and rainbow twinkles

radiant sunshine yellow burns bright w/a dominant gold highlight and brilliant lilac sparks

sheer burgundy pearl w/a subtle pink highlight and flares of gold glitter

muted turquoise velvet w/barely-there silver highlight, and blue and silver sparkle scattered throughout *primer recommended

chestnut brown plush w/smooth copper highlight, strewn w/copper sparks *primer recommended

borealis twinkles in a base of warm milk-chocolatey brown plush *primer recommended

cream-coloured velvet adorned w/soft golden highlight and subtle blue glimmer

sheer grass green pearl w/subtle gold highlight, suffused w/deep blue fire *primer recommended

smoked khaki velvet w/strong antique gold patina highlight, exploding w/red and gold glitter *primer recommended (this is, IMO, one of the most complex colours of the collection, or of any collection, for that matter. my description is woefully inadequate, and the photo just doesn’t do it justice at all — you simply MUST see this e/s in person to appreciate its rich, dimensional beauty)

semi-metallic cool taupe exhibits pinky-gold highlight and aurora borealis twinkles

this collection is, in a word, breathtaking — it’s a very appropriate addition (finale?) to AL’s “cosmic farewell”

now for a little tease: when Miss K sent me samples of Astronomical, she also sent me some other goodies that will allow me to do…*drumroll please*…my very first-ever blog giveaway! 🙂 so stay tuned for details on how you can win some of AL’s goodies!