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it’s official: they’re both girls, so of course DD is tickled to pieces — “now there are more girls than boys in our family!” 😉 also, while Einstein is obviously a tuxedo (of indeterminable breed), it’s taken us a little longer to verify that, in addition to Stormy’s blue “ticked tabby” markings/colouration, she has a LOT of Maine Coon in her: she has “thumbs” on her paws; the little tufts of fur at the tips of her ears are becoming more pronounced; she’s ÜBER-fluffy, particularly on her front; and she tends to be rather vocal, esp w/her funny little chirrupy meows. I think hub is actually quite pleased, since he’s had Maine Coons before and speaks very highly of the breed. how’s THAT for pure dumb luck adopting ferals?? 🙂