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first, I want to thank everyone who participated in my giveaway — y’all made this fun and easy for me, and I hope y’all all enjoyed your little walk down Memory Lane revisiting your final orders, posting on my giveaway discussion thread, and tweeting what you love about AL 🙂

I promised I’d announce the giveaway winners here on my blog by noon MT, so now, w/o further ado…*drumroll*…here they are! in reverse order:

the third prize — two full-size eyeshadows from the Spells! collection (incendio and expeliarmus) — goes to Ahna Blake!

the second prize — three full-size eyeshadows from the Spells! collection (fidelius, diffindo, and rictusempra) — goes to Maria Isabel Garcia!

the first prize — a complete sample set of the Wonderstruck eyeshadow collection — goes to Melanie Monsey!

IMPORTANT NOTE: while I listed the winners in reverse order here on my blog, pls notice that the # of items in each list shows incrementally larger, indicating that everyone who entered had a chance at winning the most valuable prize. as I stated on the rules for my giveaway, all entries for each winner’s name were subsequently removed from the drawings for the remaining prizes (which is why there are fewer “items”/names in the list for the second prize, and fewer still for the third prize). for the sake of conserving space, I’ve only screen-capped the first 10 names in each list.

now, I’m also going to throw in a previously unannounced surprise BONUS prize — a complete sample set of Rocks! Rouges (brand new, never been used, from my personal collection) — for the person who had the most entries in my giveaway, and that prize goes to Ahna Blake, who garnered a whopping 77 entries!

WINNERS, pls contact me within the next 72 hrs (so by noon MT on 19 Dec, which is this coming Sun) by email at farewellAL at tanyaross dot com (this email addy will be permanently disabled after all prizes have been distributed) so I can get your mailing address and send your prizes out to you.

congrats to all of the winners, thx again to everyone who entered my giveaway, and thx esp to Miss K for providing the three main prizes — I couldn’t have done this w/o any of y’all 🙂