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“hello, Dorothy? your shoes called, they want their ruby sparkle back.”

yeah, so I’m a dork 😛 but that really was the first thing I thought when I stroked Zoya‘s Tori onto my nails — it’s totally Dorothy’s ruby slipppers red! not exactly what I was expecting, actually, considering what it looks like in the bottle (see my 3rd pic below), but still sparkly-pretty enough to make me happy 🙂

here’s a pic in indirect daylight (winter @ 4500′ above sea level, just for reference):

*fyi the colour in this pic is quite a bit lighter and warmer on my monitor than IRL, but ymmv

here’s the rare and elusive in-the-sun pic (I think you can see the hot pink sparkles a bit better here):

and now a pic w/the bottle (my first, YAY!) see how much darker the laq is in the bottle VS on my tips?

NOTE: I always do my Zoya manis (and pedis) w/Zoya’s complete Color Lock System (it really does extend the life of my manis, I love it!!); I used the Get Even base here.

colour: Zoya’s website describes Tori as “Deep cool-toned berry red packed with pink duochrome shimmer and silver microglitter. A glitzy and glamorous way to wear red.” I def don’t disagree w/the “glitzy and glamourous” label, this is just actually a much brighter red than I was thinking it would be (I bought this before Zoya started offering their colour spoons, which are, in a word, awesomesauce). at any rate, I’m not disappointed w/the colour — it IS a cool berry-red, altho’ I would say that the microglitter appears silver in the bottle (esp when it’s settled out a bit) but looks more like hot pink on (not a complaint, merely an observation). what I don’t see is the pink duochrome — if it’s there, it’s VERY subtle, which IMO kinda defeats the whole purpose of a duo ;\ lol

finish: called metallic on Zoya’s website, I’d personally call Tori more of a shimmer — she’s much less glittery than her decidedly sparkly sisters (see the flame, wicked, and sparkle collections), but she’s more glittery and less metallic than the reverie colours, and certainly nowhere near as obvious w/her duochrome (I swear I can’t see it in Tori at all).

opacity: Zoya classifies Tori as a level 4 intensity (1 = sheer, 5 = opaque), which I’d say is accurate — I got good coverage w/one coat, but a second coat helped intensify the colour and even out my application.

bottom line: Tori is bright, sexy, sparkly — definitely pegging the needle on the glam meter 😉 red is always classic, and Tori’s playful pink microglitter kicks up the sass.

NOTE: I purchased Zoya Tori for my own use; I’m not provided any consideration by Zoya for reviewing their products.