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teh kittehs we rescued right before Thanksgiving have gotten so BIG, so fast! here’s a pic of our girls, Stormy (tabby) and Einstein (tux) a couple of days after we found them:

and here they are as of today (~7 wks later):

they don’t both really fit in the little kitty bed at the same time anymore, but they were playing in it this afternoon so I took advantage of the opportunity to snap this pic b/c it provides something of a comparison of their size.

I’ve noticed that Stormy is losing her “ticked” baby fur and is developing some pretty pronounced stripes; she’s also not as fluffy as she used to be, either. but they’re both VERY affectionate, and I’ve never gone through an entire day w/o at least one of them (usu both) trying to curl up in my lap to sleep, but they’re just getting too big for both of them to be up in my lap at the same time. honestly, I think that’s how I tweaked my back last week ;\

they’re also too smart for their own good — Stormy figured out today how to open my office door (it’s a french door and doesn’t latch closed like a standard door), so when I got home from an appt, there were kitty paw prints all over my desk (they’re not allowed up on tables, desks, etc. but apparently they only abide by that rule when their people aren’t around), and the girls were curled up in my office chair sleeping LOL