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a couple of weeks ago, I started experiencing severe back pain and muscle spasms, which I attributed (incorrectly, come to find out) to a flare-up of an old auto injury. after almost a week of constant pain and very limited range of motion, I finally went to my doc last Mon, and he did a full blood panel (also to check my hormone levels, which are too low again). I got the results of the blood tests in the mail this past Thurs, and I was more than a little surprised by what I read: in addition to still being deficient in a couple of key hormones (deficiencies I’m already being treated for, but we’ve now increased my dosages based on the lab reports), my labs showed an excess of Vit D, which I was previously prescribed supplements for to treat my blood test-confirmed Vit D deficiency.

I did a bit of poking around online and learned that pretty much the ONLY way to get too much Vit D is via Rx, since the body’s natural Vit D production mechanism automatically shuts off when the source of Vit D is sunlight; however, Vit D supplements apparently circumvent the body’s natural regulatory mechanisms, and unlike other vitamins (like Vit C) that excess is eliminated from the body as waste, Vit D can build up in the body (stored in fat cells) and cause symptoms of toxicity. who’da thunk??

so it seems that, at least for the previous ~2 wks, my back pain, headaches, irritability, loss of interest in food (and a couple of other symptoms that shall remain politely unnamed) have actually been caused by an excess of Vit D in my system. my doc gave me specific instructions for adjusting my Vit D dosage for the next few months, and then we’ll check my Vit D levels again to make sure we’re keeping them in the normal/safe range.

sometimes it’s very frustrating for me that managing my health issues takes an awful lot of time and effort on my part, but I can’t just ignore them (they cause too many problems in other significant areas of my life), so I continue to pay attention to how I feel (physically and emotionally) and partner w/my doc to work toward wellness. we’ve achieved it before, so I know we can do it again! I’m just grateful to have access to a doc whose approach to medicine meshes nicely w/my own and who treats me as a partner in managing my own health and wellness 🙂 after all, it’s my body, and nobody knows it better than I do, even if I don’t always know WHY it does what it does (that’s where my doc comes in) — together I know we’ll get me fixed up, I just have to be attentive to my body and patient w/the Tx’s.