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I’m sure y’all have noticed I haven’t posted much lately—I’ve been really busy with work, which has had the unfortunate side effect of aggravating an RSI in my left hand, so I’ve been avoiding any typing that’s not work-related. BUT…I now have software and a headset that will allow me to dictate text instead of typing! So my posts will probably look a bit different than they did before, since Dictate uses proper punctuation and capitalization and I can’t be bothered to go back and change it all to my typing style, ha! It’s taking a lot of getting used to, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it, and I know that in the long run being able to dictate will be much less strain on my hand than all of the typing I’ve been doing. So at least now I’ll probably be able to start publishing short posts again using Dictate, as long as I’m not too busy with work.