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I luvs ma kittehs. I really do. but this morning I was pretty upset when I discovered they’d chewed through my headset/mic cable, which is why I’m typing again (as you can tell from the general lack of caps, ha!). granted, I was supervising my kids working away from home for a couple of days, so there was nobody here during the day whose presence would deter Stormy and Einstein from gnawing on the cable that I’d thoughtlessly left dangling off my desk. but now that means that until I can replace my headset, I have to keep writing activities to a minimum since I’m still having problems w/my left hand/arm that are exacerbated by typing (thank goodness for dictation software w/reasonably accurate voice recognition!), plus now I’ve got to spend another ~$20 on a new headset when I would’ve liked to spend that $20 on something like more nail lacquer (but don’t tell hub about the lacquer lemming, he already thinks my little collection is crazy ;\ lol)