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I swear, if it’s not one thing, it’s another. 😛 I’m just glad that my doc has me loaded up on a cocktail of supplements instead of synthetic chemical drugs.

So here’s the latest: in addition to having to contend with my hormone imbalance again, along with the recurring inflammation in my left hand (I do have a headset/mic again now, so I’m back to dictating instead of typing, yay!), now it seems I have tendinitis in my left foot. GEEZ. Apparently this was caused by wearing flats with little to no arch support while I was doing a lot of standing and walking around for two days—I was on a set (video and photo shoot with my kids), and it just never even occurred to me that I should have worn my walking shoes (since they have really good arch support). Fortunately, my doc takes a holistic approach to medicine, and he recognized that a trace mineral deficiency is probably to blame for my protracted recovery (my left foot has been hurting, so I’ve been limping, for about two weeks).

Easy solution: he prescribed me a concentrated trace mineral solution to take daily. I gotta admit, this stuff is N-A-S-T-Y!  Which of course means it also makes anything I put it in taste nasty, so that really does nothing to mask the flavour of the mineral solution. Last night I tried just taking it straight with a chaser, and omigosh, it actually burned! I should have had a much BIGGER glass of juice for my chaser—lesson learned! Plus I still had to eat a good 1/3 cup of salsa (homemade, so at least that was yummy!) with some tortilla chips to get the taste of the trace mineral solution out of my mouth. YUCK!! 😦

I’m only taking about 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon of the trace mineral concentrate per day, and I have noticed a difference (my left foot hurts much less when I try to walk normally now than it has the last couple weeks), so I’m determined to keep choking this stuff down. But this is definitely one of those instances where the cure is almost worse than the ailment. :\