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Some of y’all may have already heard: Aromaleigh (AL), my favourite mineral makeup (mmu) company EVER, is reopening under new management! 😀 I have high hopes for this new incarnation, since they’ve retained Kristen, the original owner of AL, as their consulting Creative Director. Kristen’s genius brought us some incredible products, particularly eye shadows, and I hope that, under Miss K’s tutelage, the new owner(s) will follow in her creative and innovative footsteps. As part of clearing out old inventory to make room for new products, they’ve just released a new limited edition “transition” collection, Fall Tapestry, available as individual full sizes and a sample set. Of course I’ve got to order a sample set 😉

I love that the product page for Fall Tapestry includes colour descriptions, skin swatches, and something new: inspiration pix! The inspiration for this collection came from this year’s fall fashion runway trends, and the eye shadows are appropriately named for designers like Elie (Saab), Carolina (Herrera), Betsey (Johnson), Vera (Wang), and others. This new inspiration section reminds me a lot of Zoya’s inspiration videos, like this one for their latest release, a holiday collection called Gems & Jewels. I enjoy seeing where the creators get their ideas for products with on-trend colours and interesting finishes (don’t get me wrong, sparkle is great, but sometimes it’s good to change things up 😉 ), so IMO this is a fun new addition to AL’s product infomation.

What do y’all think? Any of these trip your trigger? (I’m really intrigued by Alice, Donna, Vera, and Tracy—neutrals, of all things! LOL) Are you curious to see what other new products AL v2.0 will bring us? I know I am!