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(Yes, the title for this post is a nod to NIN, even though I haven’t listened to him for years. Somehow it seems appropriate, on multiple levels :\ )

It’s official: name a hormone, ANY hormone, and mine’s probably jacked up 😦 Estradiol? Borderline, even with my current Rx for bio-identical estrogen. Progesterone? Borderline, again even with an Rx for bio-identical (and a pretty hefty dosage at that). Testosterone? Too low (no Rx…yet :\ ). Wait, there’s more! DHEA (the most abundant circulating hormone in humans and a precursor of other hormones including estrogen and testosterone)? Borderline, again with an existing Rx for bio-identical.


I met with my doc again this afternoon to adjust my Rx’s and supplements and also add an Rx for bio-identical testosterone to try to help my body function properly. Back to the drawing board! I’ll keep y’all posted on my progress.