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Malo e lelei, dear readers! today is my birthday — I turned 30 again, yay! 😉 — and I decided one of the things I would do to celebrate is revive my blog.

I let my blog go dark in 2011 after some major life-altering events at the end of that year. but life goes on — we learn to adapt to change, unwelcome as it may be when it comes; and sometimes in the aftermath of that change, if we’re lucky, we not only grow, we thrive. I count myself VERY lucky 🙂

Not gonna to spend any time rehashing what all has happened since my last post in 2011 (besides, when you’ve turned 30 as many times as I have, you forget stuff. A lot.); suffice it to say my posts will be just as random as before (but hopefully less sporadic), and y’all can blame Johnny Lingo (my massive Tongan husband and best friend) for the island quirks.

Food, music, beauty and fashion, holidays, shoestring/DIY home decor and more, health and medical stuff…who’s with me? 😀