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I need to learn how to write shorter blog posts. 😛  Either that, or I need to learn how to break up my writing into smaller segments over 2 – 3 days for one post. Problem is, unless I just don’t know what I want to blog about (I do get stuck there more than I care to admit), much of the time I sit down to write and the words just magically come flowing out of my keyboard. Other bloggers have this problem, right?

Here’s a teaser for my next post: I have a makeup post in the works — the first since I revived my blog! 🙂 But I have GOT to go to bed, so said makeup post will have to sit in my drafts tab for a bit. Return to me in a few days, brave adventurer, and you’ll be richly rewarded for your patience and loyalty! (…And now I definitely have to go to bed because that sounded way funnier to me than it probably is. Try pretending you’re Guinevere and say it with a British accent — I swear it’s funny.)