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I’m trying to get back into the swing of things again with blogging. I swear I am. Just when I think I’ve got a decent handle on most stuff, Life throws me a curve ball. Well, I suck at baseball (actually, I suck at most sports), so I usually get flattened and then it takes me a while to get back on my feet. We’ll see how this goes—but I’ll make the effort if you’ll stick around to read, deal?

Today I want to share three of my favourite things with y’all: food (Poly style!), fonts (no such thing as too many!), and football (goooOOOOO Cougars!)—three things that just make my little alliteration-loving heart sing! ❤ Y’all ready? Here we go!

On the food front, I’m delighted to report that the palangi (Tongan for “Caucasian”) wife’s first foray into Polynesian cooking was a huge success, YAY! 😀 Preparing kalua pork is ridiculously easy, and the results are insanely delicious. When I took some over to share with Johnny Lingo’s family, it got two thumbs up from my full-Tongan father-in-law. WIN!!


We have kalua pork and mac salad at least once a month now. 🙂 This is the recipe I use for the pork: Kalua Pig in a Slow Cooker. Yes, really. And while I’ve made no secret of the fact that I find it nearly impossible to follow a recipe as its written tend to modify recipes, I follow this one exactly—it produces Poly-perfect pork. (YAY, more alliteration!) My father-in-law says so. Pretty much.

Oh, and serve jasmine rice with the pork—DO NOT try to use Minute Rice or long grain white rice or anything BUT jasmine rice. Okay? Just don’t. You’ll end up with something nowhere near as ono (yummy).

BONUS: kalua pork freezes just fine! So if a 6-lb roast is too much for your family (and half the neighbourhood—true Poly style!), then just freeze the leftovers. Although I’ve heard if you have leftovers, you’re doing it wrong. Or something like that.

The mac salad is really simple: macaroni, tomatoes, cucumbers, green onions, sweet peas, mayo (not too gloopy, but not too dry, either), salt and pepper. No idea why mac salad is like “the official side” for kalua pork, but there ya go.

Now on to fonts. Oh, fonts. How I love them. ❤ (Except Comic Sans. Not even gonna lie.) I adore typography. I even opened a shop on Etsy to share my fondness of typography and all things font-sy: 8 Cow Wife Studios (shameless plug). I’ve noticed I tend to gravitate to a few different fonts in my typography, so I thought, why not share them with y’all? 🙂


  1. Budmo Jiggler — completely free!
  2. Starstruck — free (no licensing info)
  3. Riesling — free (no licensing info)
  4. Mea Culpa ROB Regular — $25 license (Mac Post Script only)
  5. codex — completely free!
  6. Archistico — completely free!
  7. Andover — completely free!
  8. Fontdinerdotcom Sparkly — free for personal use (but no links to licensing site, no donation button, etc.)
  9. Channel — free for personal use, $59 for commercial license
  10. Champagne & Limousines — free for personal use, donate/contact author for commercial license
  11. Pharmacy — completely free!
  12. Bergamot Ornaments (dingbats) — completely free!

Did y’all enjoy my silly little Hollywood theme? 😉 Budmo Jiggler always makes me think of a Broadway marquee (even before I found out the author actually calls it a marquee font), but I’m more a tv/film girl, not stage, so…go with what you know, right? Also, I hope y’all find it useful to know licensing info up front—I hate finding a gorgeous new font only to realize I’m faced with a choice between buying a commercial license and paying the gas bill. It’s a good thing my pragmatism outweighs my fondness for fonts or we’d be taking cold showers in a cold condo. (I’m kidding. Sort of.)

Finally, football. Can I just tell y’all how excited I am about this new recruiting class?! CHEEEOOO! 😀


Photo credit: BYU Creative Design/Dave Broberg

Nick Kurtz, Devon Blackmon, Jordan Leslie, and Trey Dye are the kind of footballers who’ve basically given notice to Ross Apo and Mitch Matthews to step up their game on O-line; on defence, we’ve signed players like Sione Takitaki, Isaiah Nacua, Uriah Leiataua, and Isaiah Kaufusi—MAJOR coup against UofU with Kaufusi! (Yes, we DO actually recruit non-Polys, haha! But I’m seriously impressed by the guys I named here.) Am I disappointed we didn’t get Damien Mama? Sure. But I wish him luck at USC…and he can always transfer later. 😉 (Hey, a girl can dream!)

Overall, the kids we signed are fantastic athletes—and given our past recruiting strategy, BYU really had no business getting them. (Yeah, I said it.) But apparently Geoff Martzen has pretty much overhauled our recruiting program, and we’ve got a really impressive class coming in for the 2014 season. {Insert fist pump here.} Heck, Fred Warner might be KVN 2.0—wouldn’t hurt my feelings one little bit! 😀 (Kyle is an incredibly gifted athlete and just a terrific guy.)

I think it also made a huge difference that Bronco is just different this year. Johnny Lingo attended the Signing Day event (like he has the past couple; I had to work), and he said he’s never seen Bronco so “real—angry, bitter, sarcastic, hungry, on fire.” It’s about freaking time!! Also, no more “seniority” crap: the best players will be on the field, and if you’re a junior or senior riding the bench because an underclassman wants it more and works harder for it than you do, that’s just tough. No more “we’ll find a good fit for you on the team”: these guys know what position they’ll be playing and WHY Bronco wants them there. No more “the kids recruit us; if they don’t want BYU, then we don’t want them”: Bronco was straight about telling these recruits we NEED them to take our team to the next level, and we WANT them to suit up in BYU blue. Our football program is changing, in some very BIG, very GOOD ways. High hopes for August, Cougars—let’s do this!

So there you have it: Food. Fonts. Football. Today’s post has been brought to you by the letter F and by the number 3. 😀 Three simple things that make me {ridiculously} happy. It would also make me pretty dang happy to have another post ready for y’all next week, so I’ll see what I can do about that—talk about being in control of my own happiness! 😉