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This going to be a short post, but I’m trying to be consistent(ish) and publish something this weekend. Yesterday was busy, and I was gone most of the evening, which is usually when I like to write. Plus I have work again (yay!), but that also means I like spending more time NOT writing. Oh, the irony. (Wanting to spend less time stuck at my computer is also the reason for my posting from the mobile app–I’m much more likely to keep things shorter this way.)

I was sick last week, and this week I’ve got this lingering sore throat, probably caused by drainage from my allergies. IMO sucking on cough drops like a fiend only masks the problem, and I’m more of a “find the source of the problem and root it out” kinda girl.

I’m well aware of several home remedies for sore throat since we didn’t (or more accurately couldn’t) run to the doctor every time someone had the sniffles; I just wanted a refresher and maybe an update.

YAY Pinterest! πŸ˜€ Pins for sore throat home remedies abound, but of the several I clicked through, this is my fave: http://everydayroots.com/sore-throat-remedies –right now I’m drinking hot herbal tea steeped in cinnamon-and-clove water (I like adding “extras” to my tea, too, like a drizzle of honey and several drops of lemon juice), and since I’m heading to bed shortly, I’ll gargle with salt water; tomorrow, my meals will likely consist of chicken-and-vegetable soup with LOTS of garlic and cayenne, and of course I’ll have a lot more hot tea (either herbal or fruit). I love that I have all of these things on hand anyway–easy and convenient!

While the only thing that’s really new for me is the cinnamon-and-clove water, when it comes to my tried-and-true home remedies, it’s good to be reminded about what works and why. Natural healing FTW! πŸ™‚