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Confession: I hate shopping. I think that somehow disqualifies me from being a girl, but it’s true. Not just clothes shopping or “stuff for the house” shopping, either; I even hate grocery shopping—the only reason I suck it up and do that is because we’ve become accustomed to eating. Seriously, if I can avoid leaving the house to go check the mail, I will. People don’t usually guess this about me, but frankly I’m a major introvert—being around other people actually wears me out (especially large groups of people, and by “large groups,” I mean more than 6. Yes, really.); I need frequent “alone time” just to keep from turning into a raging harpy feel calm and peaceful.

Another part of the reason I hate shopping is that I’m just not a big fashion junkie, either. Truth be told, I think a lot of what passes for “fashion” these days is an insult to intelligent women who value themselves as more than just bodies to be looked at. Or maybe it’s just that I’m getting older and I find I care a whole lot less about what other people think I look like. Or it could be because Johnny Lingo somehow manages to make me feel loved even when I’ve been schlepping around the house in my well-worn bathrobe, no makeup, and un-showered for 2 days while I’ve been sick (ew). At any rate, if I’m clean and my clothes are in good repair, that’s a win.

So IMO it’s pretty funny that lately I’ve been having fun dinking around on Polyvore, putting together outfits for no particular reason. And when I say “no particular reason,” I mean I don’t even have to get dressed to go to work (I telecommute), so I can’t even justify needing clothes for work. (Yes, I know pyjamas are clothes. But most people don’t think of PJs as work clothes. And yes, I do actually get dressed in “regular” clothes. Most days.) But since I don’t even have to leave the house to window shop on Polyvore, I’m finding it much less tedious and tiresome than actual shopping. By poking around on Polyvore, I’m also finding that my tastes have evolved as I’ve changed and as my lifestyle and priorities have shifted, and those discoveries are kinda fun for me. Here are just a few of the sets I’ve created recently:


Love these Egyptian-print leggings. LOVE. The only way they could possibly be any better is if they were map-print. ❤ ❤ ❤


The tunic with the ginormous rose print makes me happy. 🙂


If I actually had to wear “office clothes.”

Game Day

C’mon, y’all knew this was gonna happen. GO COUGARS! 😉

Spring Fling

Who doesn’t love powder-pink combat boots? 😀 (Honestly, I’d probably never wear something like this now, but I love it anyway; OTOH Glam will totally be able to pull this off in ~4-5 years.)

Y’know what was probably the most fun for me to realize about my evolving style? What all of these outfits have in common (along with most of the other items or sets I’ve “liked” from other people on Polyvore): 1) colour (most women seem to get scared of colour as they get older; me, I’m embracing it), and 2) comfort (other than the two-tone coral/peach stilettos in that one set, but hey, I do actually wear heels sometimes when I go out). There was a time when I lived by “what price beauty” and willingly suffered for fashion—I’m quite happy to have outgrown that canard!

Now, I like to think that, at least with all of my Polyvore window shopping, I’m managing to not look like I’m trying too hard strike a balance between “I’m not 22 anymore” and “I’m not dead yet.” If you get bored, come play with me on Polyvore! 🙂