PMDD: Resources in SLC Metro

As y’all know from reading my posts on PMDD as well as my responses to reader comments on those posts, I advocate a holistic approach to balancing hormones. I’ve been able to balance my hormones in the past, and part of my successful regimen included bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). This is absolutely not the same thing as HRT, which uses synthetic hormones that can be very dangerous (even carcinogenic); BHRT mimics exactly the hormones produced naturally by the body.

Since more and more of my readers are local, I want to provide a resource specifically for women who live in Utah, since I have personal experience with at least one medical provider who specializes in hormone imbalance and firsthand information from other women who are treated by other local providers. All of the resources included here take a holistic approach to health and wellness, as IMO two of the great shortcomings of modern Western medicine are practitioners’ tendencies to 1) treat symptoms as isolated events instead of addressing the body as a complex integrated whole and 2) prescribe quick-fix “one size fits all” treatments like synthetic chemical drugs when safer and usually more effective alternatives are available to support the body naturally in functioning properly.

I personally see Steven Jones (NP-C) at Alpine Clinic in Lehi (just south of the Smith’s on SR-92), but obviously his wife (Dr. Dianne Farley-Jones, who owns the practice) is also a provider I feel comfortable recommending. I know other women who’ve seen Catherine Kipp (FNP) at Utah Valley Wellness Center in Orem and done well under her care. Dr. Judith Moore and Marcy Rowley (FNP) at New Horizon Medical Care in Riverton also provide holistic treatments for hormone issues, including BHRT. The Health Spot in Sandy takes a holistic approach to general health and wellness; they offer BHRT as appropriate for their patients. (Providers are listed in the order in which I found out about them.)

Also, consider calling compounding pharmacies (CPRXs) in your area and asking them for recommendations for doctors who prescribe BHRT. There are at least 4 CPRXs that I know of in Utah County: Smith Rexall Drug in Pleasant Grove, Taylor Drug in American Fork, Dry Creek Pharmacy in Lehi, and Salmon Pharmacy in Orem; the only CPRX I know of offhand in the SLC area is Jolley’s. You might also find a useful resource in the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists—just use the search tool to find CPRXs in your area.


Outside of SLC Metro, women looking for natural remedies may want to consider “The PMDD Treatment Miracle” approach offered by Jane Pritchard. According to her website, Jane’s approach includes making changes in your diet, taking supplements, and exercising (both physically and mentally). I have no personal experience with Jane’s approach and don’t personally know anyone who does, but I have experienced positive changes in my own health through making small alterations to my lifestyle, including diet, supplements, and exercise; a similar approach, such as Jane’s might possibly be, could be beneficial for some of my readers.

HTH and be well! 🙂

3 thoughts on “PMDD: Resources in SLC Metro”

  1. Suzette said:

    Salmon pharmacy on 800 north in Orem is also a compounding pharmacy. They are located in the strip mall behind Sonic.

    • tanyaross said:

      thx Suzette! I’ll add a link to Salmon Pharmacy in the main post so it’s easier for people to find. thx again!


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