Social Media Following Policy

I’ve established some official social media (SM) following policies so ppl who ask to connect to me on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and LinkedIn will understand how I use those services and why I will or won’t accept a request to follow/connect; so here goes:

first, thx for your interest in connecting w/me! I enjoy using SM to connect to old friends and also to meet new personal acquaintances, potential business clients, political contacts, and other associates, but I have to set some boundaries so those connections are actually meaningful and useful to BOTH of us. hopefully my policy will help you understand if and when I will accept your request to connect/follow, and if not, why not.

I use SM for (not in any particular order):

  • professional networking
  • reconnecting w/old friends and schoolmates
  • staying in touch w/family (mostly extended family)
  • learning from others and teaching when I can
  • making new friends
  • having fun!

Connecting/Following Policy

  1. excessive/extreme profanity or sexually explicit content on your profile/news feed/tweet stream = epicfollowfail
  2. it looks like you’re trying to add me to your virtual harem = epicfollowfail, and if you harass me I will block you
  3. you are a RT/reblog/sharing machine but don’t appear to have (m)any original thoughts of your own = followfail
  4. the majority of your tweets are along the lines of “get 19,457 followers in 12 days” or “make $250 in 4 hours guaranteed” = followfail
  5. twitspamming me w/tweets like “WTF yall aint followin” = continuedfollowfail and will get you blocked and probably reported for spam if you keep it up (look, if I wanted to follow you, I would; I do NOT auto-follow, and I don’t blindly follow back everyone who follows me — last time I checked I’m still well within my rights to follow or not as I choose)
  6. few if any @ replies in your tweet stream usually = followfail (twitter is social media, which means I’m here to engage in conversation, not to be an audience for your cyber-billboard — talk to me, not at me!)
  7. you post almost exclusively in a foreign language usually = followfail (my participation in SM is probably best described as “hit and run,” and I just don’t have the bandwidth to try to translate posts to derive their actual value, no offence)
  8. I repeatedly try to engage you in conversation but you consistently ignore me usually = unfollow (constantly being snubbed gets REALLY old REALLY fast)
  9. certain auto-DMs on Twitter (e.g., invites to games, “hey check out this video,” etc.) usually = unfollow
  10. your Facebook friend req does NOT include a simple, brief explanation why I should connect to you and get to know you (e.g., we’re following each other on Twitter and have enjoyed a few convos there, we met at an event recently, etc.) = ignore on FB
  11. I may subscribe to some or none of your content on FB at my own discretion.
  12. I have never actually worked with you in any professional capacity (supervisor, subordinate, colleague, client, service provider, talent, or other business associate) and likely will not ever have any opportunity or reason to do so (e.g., you’re a stripper in Dallas, etc.) = ignore on LinkedIn
  13. I maintain two tumblrs: one I use as a photo blog of visual inspiration (primary account), the other is almost purely political (secondary account). if you follow my political tumblr and you can’t see that I’ve followed you back, it’s most likely because I show up as my primary when I follow—there’s nothing I can do about that, sorry.
  14. I try to respond promptly to @replies and DMs on Twitter, to questions on tumblr, and to emails on FB and LinkedIn, but pls be patient.

I reserve the right to revise this policy at any time and w/o notice. thank you!

3 thoughts on “Social Media Following Policy”

  1. Absolutely wonderful. You have said it better than anyone else I’ve read.

  2. Nicely put

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