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we finally bailed on our Digis wireless internet, since connex speeds w/them were so slow (at least in our area) as to be reminiscent of dial-up in the 80s – DH and I used to joke about having potato-powered internet… stability was also an issue, as it seemed that every time we had severe weather, we ended up having no internet access for at least 14 hrs, usually longer… I’m not a big fan of Qwest, our new ISP, but I must admit it’s BLAZING fast – just this AM, DH was downloading a large file onto his Macbook, he was logged into his Macbook from his office, AND we were video chatting while I was doing a bit of research online, all w/o any noticeable lag in page load speeds, video speed, etc… so while I’m not exactly chuffed about being w/Qwest (their customer service sucks big rotten ostrich eggs), I am happy to once again have internet speed comparable to everyone else in the 21st century… (now I just hope I never have to call Qwest for support! :X )