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not “funny” ha-ha; “funny” odd.

my last purchase from beauty.com included a set of body mousses by Aquolina (the maker of the famed fragrance “Pink Sugar”) — I figured I’d do a little R&D for my “smelly stuff” hobby-business and see what the “big players” are up to; the mousses were offered w/special pricing of a set of four 125ml containers for only $10/set (suggested retail value of $48/set), so I thought, heck, why not??

yeah, THAT was a $10 lesson…

let’s start w/the containers themselves: they look like miniature versions of the big white plastic utility buckets that I keep a lot of my bulk food storage in (my sugar in particular), the only difference is that the little body mousse containers have colourful labels printed on them… stee-RIKE one!

next, the body mousse itself isn’t all that hydrating… in fact, within minutes of putting it on, I can’t tell I’ve put anything on (except for the smell; see below)…! stee-RIKE two!

but do they smell good? uhm, in a word, NO. there are four different scents in the set: vanilla, apricot, pineapple, and cherry; the vanilla (which is my least favourite scent in general — I typically avoid it like the plague) is the LEAST fake-y smelling of the four, but the fruit-scented ones are so horrifically artificial that they smell like little kids’ candy or something… and then there’s the “after-smell”: they leave a rather unpleasant, very plastic-y “after-smell” on the skin, and I’m not sure if that’s attributable to the plastic containers or to one of the ingredients, but I’m sure as heck not paying 48 bucks to smell like cheap plastic fruit… 😛 stee-RIKE three, you’re outta there!!

thumbs DOWN on these, Aquolina, WAY down… (and yes, I’ve submitted a brief review on the beauty.com website, it s/b posted in a few days)